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[siren song]

Dearest disciples, devils and all those in between,

I have come here once again in hopes of spreading the gospel.

:Please open your books to chapter 13 and read along:

While in preparation for upcoming tours we have recently had a change in our live lineup. Former Kidney Thieves / Mankind is Obsolete / Hate Department drummer Jon Siren will be replacing Daniel Fox for the drum / percussion position in Psyclon Nine.

There is no ill will between Daniel and any of us. We wish him well and good luck with his future endeavors.

We are very happy with our decision to have Siren as our newest member. He is a kindred spirit in every way and already fills the role very nicely. Siren and I have already begun working together heavily on the new Psyclon Nine album: We The Fallen. I am very excited to be working with such a talented Musician.

Please accept our newest member into your hearts as well as your nether regions.

Love always,

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