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[12 Sep 2009|05:20pm]

This Wednesday in Atlanta, GA

Psyclon Nine and Imperative Reaction
Featuring special guest Scandinavian Cock (side project by Andy Laplegua)
Sept 16th at the Masquerade in Heaven.

Both Vlixx and Andy Laplegua share the same birthday (Sept 15th), so come to the special birthday afterparty after the show! It'll be downstairs in Purgatory.

Hottopic's Shockhound [09 Sep 2009|03:49pm]

We the Fallen is NOW on sale digitally on Hottopic's Shockhound music site.

It can be purchaced for $6.99 here: http://www.shockhound.com/albums/440007-psyclon-nine-mp3s-we-the-fallen


See you all on the road!!!



Following a six thousand-year struggle for dominance amongst an increasingly primitive and outrageously uncouth swath of electronic rock competitors, EVERYTHING GOES COLD has finally chewed through the barbed-wire fence of obscurity to toil endlessly in the eternal Valhalla/Duat/Hades of efficient marketing and sales upon which tread all signed bands. Yes, you have understood this correctly: EVERYTHING GOES COLD has joined forces with Chicago's BIT RIOT RECORDS to usher in a new era of bewilderment and unending algor.

Fronted by Eric Gottesman, one of Industrial Music's most prolific and multifarious performers, EVERYTHING GOES COLD are preparing to unleash "EVERYTHING GOES COLD VS. GENERAL FAILURE", the full length follow-up to their 2008 debut EP, "PREPARE TO BE REFRIGERATED", which showcased their wit and megalomania against a solid backdrop of remixes from classic artists like HATE DEPT. (Underground Inc.) and BABYLAND (Metropolis) as well as contemporary heavy-hitters like SAM (Pro-Noize) and LIFE CRIED (Noitekk/COP Int'l).

After a brain-rattlingly loud mini-tour of the west coast in 2008 with Babyland and a series of explosive concert appearances with everyone from 16 VOLT (Metropolis) to COMBICHRIST (Metropolis/Out of Line), EGC isolated themselves in the studio for months, forgoing all sunlight and the gentle caress of woman-kind, producing well over ten minutes worth of pounding, dense music with lush vocal harmonies, chunky guitars, and aggressive electronics, extolling themes of robotic domination and technological terror.

Banding together with the vicious corporate might of BIT RIOT RECORDS, the new album "EVERYTHING GOES COLD VS. GENERAL FAILURE" is finally ready to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting populace.

Start running.

For more information:

Bit Riot Records:

Everything Goes Cold:

: The exit sign dressed in blades of razor : + : Aneurhythym Inc : [18 Jun 2009|06:27pm]

Again, smoke break at Central Command. Jamison is tweaking the balance between lead ad backing vocals on "HeartWerm" while Jason is sending off emails on his laptop. Just added a few new sounds to "Under the Judas Tree" which finally got checked off the finished list. Only two more tracks to go today and we're finally done. Tonight we're all bringing home the finished album, listening to it in our own environments and doing a last check to see if there are anymore tweaks we need to make before sending the album off for mastering tomorrow evening.

Ben Moody's [Evanescence] new band is rehearsing in the rehearsal spot downstairs. Apparently he just decided to name his new band "the Fallen". I suppose nobody told him that Psyclon Nine is the only "Fallen" out there and that his band will forever be in our shadow... Poor Ben.

In other news. Jamison and I decided to start a new music production company that we've named "Aneurhythm Inc." After working on "We the Fallen" together we realized that he and I make a great producer and that we want to continue working together on other music projects. Starting within the next week or so we're planning on doing sound design and mixing for the new Helltrash EP that Vlixx [Helltrash / Psyclon Nine] plans on releasing soon. Keep an eye out for that. We will be launching a website for Aneurythym Inc. soon as well as soon as We the Fallen is in the clear. In the meanwhile, we WILL be accepting submissions from all bands / composers looking for production work / sound design so, feel free to contact me here on Myspace for details on what we will be offering as far as gear / ability and pricing. Again, more details on Aneurhythym Inc. will be posted soon including examples of our work and details on our facilities [combining Blacklight Producions [Jamison's studio], the Heretic Gate [my studio] as well as Central Command studios [Jason's studio]]. Jason Miller will also be involved on a case to case basis depending on what the individual project calls for.


Time for me to get back into the studio.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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the : RuinaTour : [18 Jun 2009|06:03pm]

The time has come to officially announce the :RuinaTour:

Psyclon Nine are teaming up with good friends and label mates Imperative Reaction for a Co-Headlining full North American tour. The :RuinaTour: will kick off on August 28th and run for 3 - 4 weeks spanning as much of the USA as we can hit. Both bands will be performing tracks from our upcoming releases as well as our previous releases.

Dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

Hope to see you all on the road.

[Nero Bellum]

Promoters interested in booking the :RuinaTour: package please contact: info@bpmtalent.com
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another item added to the psyclon nine ebay auctions [07 May 2009|11:20pm]

Just added a custom design, DIY, girls tour shirt.

check it out here:


All items here:


Thanks for looking.

[auction update] : new items listed : [reposted from myspace] [29 Apr 2009|07:15pm]

We've just added another few items to our Ebay auctions including an original Divine Infekt tour shirt worn by Nero Bellum on the first Psyclon Nine European tour!


Have fun looking!

[psyclon nine + ebay auctions + personal items] [27 Apr 2009|11:39pm]

We've posted a few more items on Ebay including stage clothes / gear as well as a few other interesting odds and ends.

Have fun looking.



We would also like to thank the fucking amazing people who helped us out by going to our Myspace page and donating to the cause. we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to you all.


psyclon nine ebay auctions [22 Apr 2009|10:55pm]

we recently found a few more merch items left over from the previous tours.

you can find them here on ebay: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/xbrokenpromisesx

keep your eyes peeled as we should update this list tomorrow with a few more items.

thanks for looking.

[ fallen suture ] : v 1 : [21 Apr 2009|03:09pm]

fallen suture [v 1]

As you know, Psyclon Nine has been in the studio recording our 4th full length album: We The Fallen.
Working with Jason Miller has been an amazing experiance and he has really been helping to bring
Psyclon Nine sonically to the next level. We have recently finished tracking all of the instrumentation
and are moving onto vocals starting tomorrow. If all goes according to plan we should be sending the
finished album off to the labels within 2 - 3 weeks.

We have also begun booking tours to support the release of We The Fallen. With any luck we should
be doing a full headlining North American tour this summer followed shortly after by a European run.

We have so much more exciting plans in the works that I would love to tell you about but, I don't want
to get ahead of myself. You're just going to have to wait and see i suppose...

While everything seems as if it is coming together nicely, some help would be greatly appreciated.
Never the type of people to ask for anything... We've done everything by ourselfs to get to this point...
We recently placed a donation button on our Myspace page. We realize that these are very hard times
for mostly everyone out there and that doesn't exclude the full time musician. While we might have a
little help from the labels to put us in the studio we've had to put our personal and business lives on
hiatus while focusing on making We The Fallen the best Psyclon Nine album to date. That means that
while we've been in the studio we've had no source of income and have been living day to day, dollar
to dollar. Helping each other when we can with what we have.

No matter the scenario Psyclon Nine will push forward and We The Fallen will become a very harsh
reality very soon. We know that each of you reading this cares just as much about this album and this
band as the next fan and in the end it's that caring that really motivates us to do what we do. If you read
this and are able to donate a few dollars to the cause it would mean a lot to us. If you cannot then don't
worry about it. We know that you're all out to support us and we look forward to meeting you all out on the road and being able to show you our new album from the stage.

thank you for reading and keep an eye out for more updates [clips from the new album coming soon]

[Nero Bellum]


Subjectus Laviathan... STYX, STYX, STYX [19 Mar 2009|02:25pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

 Years have gone by since musique had a master. It has been corrupted, destructed and reassembled, only to be reborn as violent porn in a cloudless storm. Thanks beith to Psyclon Nine for madness and mayhem,  kollections ov orbital crimes, un-divine. This world needeth thee, more than a baby needs the teet ov a harlot mommy. I tremble to thy tones as I scribble sadistque psalms., loathed and alone, amongst the murkiness ov explicit Eden.  I hope to see thee in the cenotes ov mine city; ablazen and hellraizen.

Thanks for the imspiration and damning degradation-

K'rimsin Crowley



[siren song] [24 Mar 2009|01:28am]

Dearest disciples, devils and all those in between,

I have come here once again in hopes of spreading the gospel.

:Please open your books to chapter 13 and read along:

While in preparation for upcoming tours we have recently had a change in our live lineup. Former Kidney Thieves / Mankind is Obsolete / Hate Department drummer Jon Siren will be replacing Daniel Fox for the drum / percussion position in Psyclon Nine.

There is no ill will between Daniel and any of us. We wish him well and good luck with his future endeavors.

We are very happy with our decision to have Siren as our newest member. He is a kindred spirit in every way and already fills the role very nicely. Siren and I have already begun working together heavily on the new Psyclon Nine album: We The Fallen. I am very excited to be working with such a talented Musician.

Please accept our newest member into your hearts as well as your nether regions.

Love always,

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Additional Auctions [05 Mar 2009|09:19am]

[ mood | busy ]

In addition to Ner0's eBay auctions, i am also selling a couple things from the 2006 [frnicatour].

I found them recently as i unpacked from a recent move.

Korg MS2000 (used the whole tour)
Custom grey/black "skirt" (still covered with liquid latex)

Im currently at work, but wanted to let everyone know these items should be up tonight once i arrive home from work.



45 minutes left [psyclon nine ebay auctions] [02 Mar 2009|11:45pm]

there are 45 minutes left on the current ebay items.

most of these items are the last in existence, never to be sold again. this will be your last chance to put in a bid!

remember, every winning bidder gets an unfortunate pass package as well! [see the psyclon nine myspace blog for details]

good luck!

[updated merch links] [28 Feb 2009|03:54pm]

had some issues with the ebay merch links last night so here is an easier way to view all of our current items:


thanks in advance

[merch links now available] [28 Feb 2009|03:15am]

Here are some individual links for the last of the Psyclon Nine tour merch as well as a few other related items. None of these items will be remade and as previously stated: all winning bidders will receive vouchers for Unfortunate laminates [backstage tour pass for a personal meet and greet with Psyclon Nine during their sound check for a show on the upcoming We The Fallen world tour]

Ebay is currently having problems so clicking "view all sellers items for sale" returns no results. So until we solve that problem we will have to refer to these links.

Thank you all in advance for helping Psyclon Nine bring We The Fallen into our world.

Thanks for bidding and good luck!


Boy Beater [Size Small]

Boy Beater [Size Medium]

Boy Beater [Size Large]

Parasitic Tour Shirt [Size XL]

Better Than Suicide Tour Shirt [Size XL]

Better Than Suicide Tour Shirt [Size XXL]

INRI Button Down Work Shirt [Size S]

INRI Button Down Work Shirt [Size XL]

Crwn Thy Frnicatr Tour Shirt [Size Youth L]

Crwn Thy Frnicatr Tour Shirt [Size S]

Crwn Thy Frnicatr Tour Shirt [Size L]

Psyclon Nine : Crwn Thy Frnicatr [limited ed Russian release]

Psyclon Nine : INRI [limited ed Russian release]

Boss SE-50 Vocal Effects Processor [owned by Nero Bellum]

Encyclopedia Of Hell [owned by Nero Bellum]

Psyclon Nine : INRI [standard release autographed by Nero Bellum]

Crwn Thy Frnicatr Hoodie [Size XL]

Crwn Thy Frnicatr Hoodie [Size XXL]

Crwn Flag Hoodie [Size XL]

Crwn Thy Frnicatr Boy Beater [Size XL]

Flesh Harvest Tour Shirt [Size L]

Flesh Harvest Tour Shirt [Size XL]


[new original art for sale] [27 Feb 2009|11:57pm]

As recently announced, Psyclon Nine are currently in the studio recording We The Fallen. While not writing I've been working on a few pieces of art in hopes to help fund our studio time.

I've posted a few cell phone pictures in my "road to hell" album on my personal myspace.

If you're interested in making an offer on either [genesis] or [heartwerm] please message my personal myspace.

The winning bidders will also receive vouchers good for an Unfortunate laminate. [backstage pass to meet band and watch soundcheck. see the Psyclon Nine myspace for details]

Thank you for looking,



psyclon nine tourdates? [10 Jan 2009|11:50am]

i had to do some research in order to find this out since i don't remember seeing a bulletin on P9's myspace or anything but..there're tourdates with helltrash?
are the dates that're listed on helltrash's myspace the only ones or will there be more?
will psyclon nine be playing all those dates in the first place?
help with these questions will be much appreciated.
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only a FEW MINUTES left [28 Oct 2008|01:18am]

most of the ebay auctions will be ending in the next few minutes. go here to check them out and put in a last minute bid.


good luck and thanks for your support.


Psyclon Nine fan interview [22 Oct 2008|03:04am]

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