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Again, smoke break at Central Command. Jamison is tweaking the balance between lead ad backing vocals on "HeartWerm" while Jason is sending off emails on his laptop. Just added a few new sounds to "Under the Judas Tree" which finally got checked off the finished list. Only two more tracks to go today and we're finally done. Tonight we're all bringing home the finished album, listening to it in our own environments and doing a last check to see if there are anymore tweaks we need to make before sending the album off for mastering tomorrow evening.

Ben Moody's [Evanescence] new band is rehearsing in the rehearsal spot downstairs. Apparently he just decided to name his new band "the Fallen". I suppose nobody told him that Psyclon Nine is the only "Fallen" out there and that his band will forever be in our shadow... Poor Ben.

In other news. Jamison and I decided to start a new music production company that we've named "Aneurhythm Inc." After working on "We the Fallen" together we realized that he and I make a great producer and that we want to continue working together on other music projects. Starting within the next week or so we're planning on doing sound design and mixing for the new Helltrash EP that Vlixx [Helltrash / Psyclon Nine] plans on releasing soon. Keep an eye out for that. We will be launching a website for Aneurythym Inc. soon as well as soon as We the Fallen is in the clear. In the meanwhile, we WILL be accepting submissions from all bands / composers looking for production work / sound design so, feel free to contact me here on Myspace for details on what we will be offering as far as gear / ability and pricing. Again, more details on Aneurhythym Inc. will be posted soon including examples of our work and details on our facilities [combining Blacklight Producions [Jamison's studio], the Heretic Gate [my studio] as well as Central Command studios [Jason's studio]]. Jason Miller will also be involved on a case to case basis depending on what the individual project calls for.


Time for me to get back into the studio.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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