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[ fallen suture ] : v 1 :

fallen suture [v 1]

As you know, Psyclon Nine has been in the studio recording our 4th full length album: We The Fallen.
Working with Jason Miller has been an amazing experiance and he has really been helping to bring
Psyclon Nine sonically to the next level. We have recently finished tracking all of the instrumentation
and are moving onto vocals starting tomorrow. If all goes according to plan we should be sending the
finished album off to the labels within 2 - 3 weeks.

We have also begun booking tours to support the release of We The Fallen. With any luck we should
be doing a full headlining North American tour this summer followed shortly after by a European run.

We have so much more exciting plans in the works that I would love to tell you about but, I don't want
to get ahead of myself. You're just going to have to wait and see i suppose...

While everything seems as if it is coming together nicely, some help would be greatly appreciated.
Never the type of people to ask for anything... We've done everything by ourselfs to get to this point...
We recently placed a donation button on our Myspace page. We realize that these are very hard times
for mostly everyone out there and that doesn't exclude the full time musician. While we might have a
little help from the labels to put us in the studio we've had to put our personal and business lives on
hiatus while focusing on making We The Fallen the best Psyclon Nine album to date. That means that
while we've been in the studio we've had no source of income and have been living day to day, dollar
to dollar. Helping each other when we can with what we have.

No matter the scenario Psyclon Nine will push forward and We The Fallen will become a very harsh
reality very soon. We know that each of you reading this cares just as much about this album and this
band as the next fan and in the end it's that caring that really motivates us to do what we do. If you read
this and are able to donate a few dollars to the cause it would mean a lot to us. If you cannot then don't
worry about it. We know that you're all out to support us and we look forward to meeting you all out on the road and being able to show you our new album from the stage.

thank you for reading and keep an eye out for more updates [clips from the new album coming soon]

[Nero Bellum]

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